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We are MaxiNutrition, the UK’s leading protein nutrition company bringing superior protein science to everything we do. Our protein-led nutrition is designed to help you reach your training goals. With proven science to formulate and enhance our products, making sure they work as hard as you do, MaxiNutrition transforms the strength in protein into strength for life; Making You, Stronger.

New Triple Release Formulation

New Formula
MaxiNutrition triple formulation of FAST (whey), MEDIUM (soy) and SLOW (casein from milk) release amino acids, helping to sustain muscle building for longer by delivering amino acids to your muscles at the right time for the right duration. MaxiNutrition’s protein products will help support your diet throughout the day. In a world that is time precious, MaxiNutrition products provide a suitable solution to keep you on track and goal focused.
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Sculptress Weight Loss

Sculptress Weight Loss - Formerly Maxitone
Sculptress is for those women that demand a change; perhaps you’ve tried lots of different diets but without any great success. Sculptress meal replacements could be just the answer that you are looking for. Unlike those faddy diets out there, Sculptress provides a solution where the complication and convenience of eating healthy has been done for you.
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