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Introduction to Nutrition

Your body needs to get precisely the right nutrition if you’re going to achieve the body and performance you’re aiming for. Training will get you only so far. Choose to create a dietary plan that includes specific nutrients to answer your body’s needs, and get to your goals faster and more safely. We are the experts in scientifically proven nutrition, and understand how proven ingredients work with your training. All you need to do is choose the goal you’re working to achieve, and we’ll provide you with the nutrition that gets you there.

Recover + Rebuild

Recover + Rebuild

If you’ve been pushing your body harder, you need nutrition that works harder too. Muscle recovery and rebuilding begins with feeding your body the ingredients that can fuel a more effective return to your peak, including the perfect protein ratio for your weight and activity level. Find out about the ways that we can help begin to rebuild you.

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Strength + Power

Strength + power

When you want more strength and power, it’s essential to give your body the fuel it needs. Key ingredients like creatine and caffeine can help your intensity and keep you focused when you train, while protein will help your muscles get back to their best. Here are our expert insights into getting the right nutrition for extra power.

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Mass + Size

Mass + size

We know that gaining safely and efficiently can be tough, so we’ve worked to find the perfect balance of nutrients that gets you to your weight goals. Extra carbohydrates have to be precisely managed alongside micronutrients and selected amino acids to control your weight gain and muscle mass. Here’s how to do it.

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Lean Definition

Lean Definition

Aiming for a leaner, more defined body? There’s never been a better reason to focus on your nutrition. Adding the right level of protein to your diet means you’ll be able to preserve peak muscle tone, avoiding unwanted weight gain, while macronutrients can also assist you towards the more sculpted physique you want. Find out more about nutrition for lean definition here.

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Introduction into nutrition

Nutrition is vitally important to help you reach your fitness goal providing the nutrients you need to support health. When organising your diet you should always start with the fundamentals aiming to get your basic diet right first with a healthy balanced diet consisting of quality proteins, unrefined carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables and a selection of healthy fats. MaxiNutrition’s quality range of sports nutrition products allows you to complement your diet with the nutrients you need to recover, be stronger and perform better. They provide convenient, easily transportable and precisely balanced formulas that taste great, making it easier for you to meet your daily needs. If you’re looking to recover and rebuild, define your body, gain mass and size or increase strength and power, MaxiNutrition products provide research proven ingredients in leading formulas to help you to achieve your goals.

Why more protein (Elisa Glover)

An individual’s goal will dictate the required nutrient support. Protein is one such nutrient that may vary greatly; of course all exercisers will want any to recover from training but as the exercise demand increases or indeed the desire to build muscle mass, additional protein will be required to support protein synthesis. For healthy daily living the recommended reference intake is mass of protein which could increase up to for individuals with a real desire for muscle growth. This will also be in unison with an increase in the exercising stress required on the body, hence the more you train the greater the protein demand. For optimum results protein should be consumed across the day in 20-30g feeds every 2-3 hours, with the aim of trying to drip feed the body with manageable amounts. This should come from a variety of protein sources but with fast acting protein being used following exercise, to help kick start the recovery process.

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