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Maximuscle Advanced Mass Protein Bundle

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Maximuscle Progain Protein Powder

Maximuscle Progain is a distinctive formulation designed to deliver a convenient high protein shake to help increase muscle mass and size. With 480 calories containing complex carbohydrates and naturally occurring BCAAs, Progain provides a tailored solution to enhance your normal diet, through our optimised blend of BioMax True Protein delivering fast acting and slow releasing protein to help make muscle gains. For individual's looking for muscle growth - protein is the key. Maximuscle Progain offers a convenient way to boost the protein content of your diet whilst providing complex carbohydrates in a low sugar shake. Progain is specifically designed to support individuals who want to build muscle size. Each 120 g serving contains 30 g protein, 67.8 g carbohydrate and is 480 kcal. Progain is high in fibre and naturally provides 8 g of BCCA's and 6 g of glutamine.

Maximuscle Progain Bars 12x90g

Maximuscle Progain flapjacks are a high protein flapjack packed with complex carbohydrate and added creatine. Progain flapjacks are a convenient snack alternative that contains 20g protein in every great tasting bar. For individuals looking for muscle growth - protein is the key. Maximuscle Progain flapjacks offer a convenient way to boost the protein content of your diet whilst providing complex carbohydrate and added creatine to support repeated bursts of high intensity exercise (when a minimum 3g of creatine are consumed per day).

Maximuscle Creatamax

Maximuscle Creatamax Capsules If you're pushing for greater strength and power goals, then creatine can help boost your performance in high-intensity training. Creatamax contains 3.8g of MaxPURE creatine monohydrate in every daily serving of 5 capsules. Our Creatamax formula also includes 15% of your Reference Intake of magnesium per 5 capsules, a mineral proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Magnesium can also help maintain normal muscle contraction.

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Maximuscle Max ZMA Zinc and Vitamin Supplement Capsules - 30 Pack

MaxiNutrition MAX ZMA unlocks the full benefits from your workouts means using targeted, efficient nutrition, even as you sleep. MAX ZMA is a formula that harnesses the proven power of key vitamins and minerals to assist natural testosterone levels and protein synthesis. Containing Magnesium - a mineral that is proven to contribute to protein synthesis. With 100% of your reference intake of vitamin B6 to support your body's protein metabolism.

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Maximuscle Screw Cap Protein Shaker 700ml - Red and Clear

The Maximuscle Shaker (700ml). Pop your sports nutrition powder into the MaxiNutrition Shaker - 700ml shaker, add some water, shake and drink. Alternatively, buy several MaxiNutrition protein shakers for your different products, throughout the day. With high quality screw cap to prevent leakage.

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