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Maximuscle Casein 30g Sample - Chocolate Mint
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Maximuscle Casein 30g Sample - Chocolate Mint

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  • Slow releasing milk proteins.
  • 89-90% Protein Concentration (depending on flavour).
  • Low in fat and sugar.
  • 100% Batch Tested and trusted by the Elite.
  • Informed Sport Accredited.

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About Maximuscle Micellar Casein

Maximuscle Micellar Casein is manufactured through an ultra filtration and spray dried process of fresh skimmed milk, therefore reducing the lactose and fat content. With a protein concentration of 89-90% (depending on the flavour), the protein in micellar casein powder is perfect to support muscle gains throughout the night. This is due to the slower releasing milk proteins; it’s a fantastic product to use before bed, and a great addition to your nutrition plan alongside other Maximuscle raw ingredients.

The Benefits of Micellar Casein

For an individual looking for muscle maintenance, growth and development - protein is the key. Having a positive protein balance stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which when combined with resistance exercise, results in muscle hypertrophy. The key ingredients found within whey protein are the naturally contained branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s): Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, all of which cannot be synthesised within the body and need to be provided from the diet. Micellar casein has the benefit of being a slow releasing protein, this makes it an ideal product to take before bed, so the protein synthesis can be positively affected throughout the night.

What makes Maximuscle Micellar Casein different?

Maximuscle Micellar Casein is trusted by elites - it’s the product for serious gym trainers, bodybuilders and fitness professionals. For Maximuscle Athletes and Ambassadors, it’s the preferred choice - they can go into competition with peace of mind, knowing that all Maximuscle products are screened for banned substances and accredited by the Informed-Sport programme.

Maximuscle only use proven, reliable ingredients with known scientific benefits in our products.


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