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Nutritional Advice


Pre-workout For Energy

MaxiNutrition discuss the benefits of meals, snacks and supplements that can be taken pre-workout for energy. Find out when they should be taken online.
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Protein Shakes For Post-workout

When you come to the end of a workout, your body’s muscle fibres will have begun to break down and sustain damage. Protein synthesis is the process by which these fibres are repaired and rebuilt, with amino acids from protein used to encourage healthy recovery and muscular growth.
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Pre-workout Boost

Whether your aim is to lose body fat, to bulk or gain muscle, your body requires significant energy levels for optimum performance during exercise – and ideally, your body needs to remain in an anabolic state. This can be difficult when following a calorie-deficit diet. However, if you comprise your diet of the right macronutrients, you are on the right track.
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Protein After Workout

Protein plays a key role in health. It’s one of the three main macronutrients that you should comprise your diet of, especially when training. In addition to carbohydrates, you should consume protein both pre- and post-workout. Post-workout protein supports muscle maintenance and growth.
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Protein Shakes For Pre-workout

Energy levels can rapidly deplete and cause muscles to feel fatigue prematurely during a workout, so it’s important to keep them high to reach your goals. Pre-workout nutrition can help saturate the energy stores in your muscles to ensure they have a sufficient level of energy that you can then exert during exercise before feeling fatigue.
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