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Meal Plans


Conor Murray's Nutrition Plan

From a recreational runner to an elite rugby player, any training goal is always believed achievable based on the training plan. The importance is often 100% focused on the training type, intensity and duration and any thought of nutrition is left as an afterthought. In truth, to help support goals nutrition should be viewed with a much higher priority.
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Chris Robshaw's Nutrition Plan

Eat like a captain and not like a king. A diet for sport should be calculated, planned and periodised. It has you and your goal at the heart but should be shaped depending on your lifestyle, dietary habits and desire. Nutrition can often seem confusing but in truth it should be very simple and easy.
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Boxers guide to making weight

Far removed from the story of David and Goliath – a boxer is required to be within a defined weight classification to make the fight fair and competitive. At the same time a boxer will aim to fight at a lighter weight than their normal daily weight and take that extra strength and maximise their power to weight ration.
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