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Vegetarian Chilli

Your post-match meal is very important and should never be underestimated. After all, eating the right food is a great way to prepare your body for whatever’s next. However, following a gruelling game of football, it can be tempting to just put your feet up and relax while paying little attention to nutrition. Check out our quick and easy recipe below.
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Vegetarian Cauliflower Pizza

A simple way to please your gluten-free guests is to serve them a pizza made with cauliflower instead of flour. This delectable low-calorie pizza recipe is also suitable for those following the Paleo diet and great for vegetarians. The cauliflower in the pizza base is packed with 17g grams of fibre, vitamins C, Vitamin B6 as well as potassium magnesium and Iron - all thanks to the cauliflower!
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Vanilla & Almond Night Time Protein Smoothie

A protein shake before bed is a great way to help give your body additional slow-release protein throughout the night. This shake also provides slow release carbohydrates and healthy fats.
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Tuna Steak with Cucumber Salsa

Seared tuna steaks are easy and delicious. They contain a combination of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, B12, and selenium. Plus, it cooks extremely quickly, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice too much time on the training field to prepare it.
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Sweet Potato & Parsnip Crisps with Almond & Butterbean Dip

You can snack your way to victory with our sweet potato and parsnip crisps with butterbean and almond dip. The nutritional powerhouse of sweet potato and parsnips provide your body with potassium and copper. Whereas, the mighty butter bean provides a generous dose of veggie protein, and the almond butter provides you with vitamin E.
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