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Maximuscle CLA 1000 - 90 Soft-gels
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Maximuscle CLA 1000 - 90 Soft-gels

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  • Gives your body a measured CLA level
  • Convenient and pure source of CLA
  • Protected by vitamin E to preserve potency

Nutritional Information

Nutrition Information

Typical ValuesPer softgelPer 6 softgels
cis C-9, trans C-11
trans C-10, cis C-12



*%RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

Delivers your CLA needs

CLA is a fatty acid that is naturally found in meat and dairy products, but if you want to boost your CLA intake then our CLA-1000 supplement can help

How to take

CLA-1000 tablets are designed to be taken three times a day, simply take 2 softgels with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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More about this product

Why CLA-1000?

CLA-1000 is a simple softgel that provides your body with a daily delivery of conjugated linoleic acid. We extract our CLA from safflower oils.

Consumer Reviews


Gives you extra weight loss

I use this with Promax Diet, Thermobol and Maxi EFA I never really get as hungry as I used to, anymore - and find this stuff helps me lose a bit more fat Best results, for me, occur when I've done my workout

A very good product

I have been using for this product for three months, along with Thermobol and Promas, and only being xlim build with a bit of a tummy hax worked very well, I was 10 stone 8. and now am down to 9 stone 13, my want to get down to 9/8 so hopefully iwill soon get down to this weight, however you have to train hard with alot of cardio, and a vey balanced diet, I normally go with the bundle package when ordering, as otherwise can be expensive, if you are looking for a good fat loss product, then try this

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