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Body Part Exercises


Anatomy and Training the Pectorals

Ever wanted to know how to get a bigger chest? The following is designed to do just that, help you understand how your pectorals really work so you can maximise your training and thus maximise your “pecs”.
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The V-Shape Back Workout

Create a cut up V-shaped back with this workout - created by Men's Health & Fitness Cover Model, Toby Rowland
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Training Tips to Get a Big Upper Chest

Learn how to get a big chest through training and exercise with our comprehensive training guide
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The Superhero Bodyweight Workout

Start looking like a superhero with the bodyweight workout - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill
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The Superhero Bodyweight Bar Workout

Get built like a superhero with this bodyweight bar workout - created by Wbff Pro Wole Adesemoye
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