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Body Part Exercises


The Full Arm Workout

Build a defined, large arms with this workout - created by MaxiNutrition PT Wole Adesemoye
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The Ultimate Deadlift Workout Routine

The deadlift is one of the greatest compound lifts in existence. The MaxiNutrition ultimate deadlift workout routine helps build beasty strength and size.
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Training for the Classic V Shape

The key to building a 'V-shaped’ or ‘V-Taper’ look is to widen your torso through back exercises such as deadlifts and lat pulldowns.
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The Chest Smash Workout

Build a broad and defined chest with this workout - created by Wbff Pro, Wole Adesemoye
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How To Build Leg Muscle and Power

Learn more about how to build leg muscle power with MaxiNutrition’s comprehensive training guide
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