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Training Tips


Is Body Weight Training Enough for Sports?

Are you training with body weight exercises to prepare for the field? Is it enough alone, or should you be incorporating some weights routines?
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Best Workout Program For You

For some people, packing on muscle and size or just toning up can be a hard slow slog. Follow Maximuscle tips to find the best workout program for you.
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Athletic Development 101

Check out our Athletic Development article, which is just one of a wide range of specialist training related articles here at Maximuscle.
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The 6 Best Dumbbell HIIT Exercises

Want to build muscle whilst shredding fat? MaxiNutrition’s 6 best dumbbell HIIT exercises give you everything you need to build a toned, strong physique.
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Training Advice: How to Get Stronger

Learning how to get stronger demands good physiological knowledge. Read Maximuscle guide on strength and power training to boost your max lifts.
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