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Barbell Training with Ollie Marchon

Maximuscle ambassador Ollie Marchon brings you the first edition of Maximuscle’s #WorkoutWednesday! Can you take on the challenge? read more


6 Exercises for Cutting

Toby Rowlands takes us through 6 top exercises to help kick start your cutting goals in time for the Summer. #workoutwednesday read more


#WorkoutWednesday with Ollie Marchon: Bodyweight

This week’s #workoutwednesday features Ollie Marchon and focuses on bodyweight exercises. read more


The Winter Bulk: Mass Workout Routine

Want to build some serious mass and size as the colder months set in? Follow Maximuscle mass workout routine for a how-to guide on getting bigger in winter. read more


Powerlifting Training Plan

What is powerlifting? Read Maximuscle powerlifting training plan to discover a training style that prizes strength. Lift heavy, rest, repeat. read more


Strongman Training Plan

Build strength and size like the world’s strongest men with Maximuscle strongman training plan. Become a beast with atlas stones, barbells and more! read more



Meal Prep 101

Meal prep can seem like a lot of work, but investing an hour or so on a Sunday night to blitz your food preparation can save valuable gym time in the week. Make gains in the kitchen by checking out Maximuscle’s top 10 meal prep tips and tricks. read more


Ladies Weekly Protein Nutrition Plan

7 day meal plan for women looking to add protein to their diets read more


Sustain and Rebuild: Food Plan to Support Muscle Maintenance

The Maxinutrition Sustain and Rebuild Meal Plan is designed for those looking to maintain their muscle mass. protein helps the development of lean muscle and supports the maintenance of muscle tissue. read more


Muscle Building Diet

The Maxinutrition Strength and Power Meal Plan is designed for those looking to increase their muscle mass. protein helps both to support muscle maintenance and muscle growth. read more


Mass & Size Meal Plan

The Maxinutrition Mass and Size Meal Plan is designed for those looking to increase their muscle mass. protein helps both to support muscle maintenance and muscle growth. read more


Lean Definition Meal Plan

The Maxinutrition Lean Definition meal Plan is designed for those looking for a more defined physique. protein supports muscle maintenance which is key when on a calorie restricted diet. read more


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