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We Believe That What’s Inside Matters

We see the potential inside each and every one of us, to push boundaries, smash PB’s, train better and feel fitter. For every gym goer, cross fitter, rugby player and runner we’re here to champion everyone’s inner athlete. 

But the potential within us is just the start, you train hard to get the best results, so why compromise with products that won’t work as hard as you do? Some protein powders may look healthy but when you look a little closer, what’s really inside? You might find inferior ingredients, artificial colours, flavours and unnecessary thickeners.

It Starts With Nutrition

We believe that your best results start with the best nutrition which is why we’ve been leading the way with winning formulations for over 25 years.

Inside every Maximuscle product you’ll find only the essential ingredients you need; from protein powders to delicious snacks we see ultra-filtered protein, natural flavours, no unnecessary thickeners and Informed Sport Approval so you can see better results.

Because when it comes to better training we all know It’s what’s inside that counts…
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Need Some New Gym Beats?

If you’re in need of some workout motivation we’ve launched 7 workout playlists brought to you by Maximuscle Ambassadors – listen to Olympic Silver Medalist Lauren Williams go-to playlist or Maximuscle ambassador Hendrick Famutimi’s leg day gains anthems. 

Guided Audio Workouts?

Get that PT feeling with one of our guided workouts featuring Maximuscle ambassador Dan Lambert. Follow along as Dan guides you step by step through a 20 minute full body kettlebell session or hit the mat for a quick 7 minute ab workout. We’ll guide you through each exercise and rep in real time with tips on technique.