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All-in-one: Everything you need to know


What is an all-in-one protein powder?

If this is your first time navigating through sports nutrition, trying to find the right product. You may already be overwhelmed by the abundance of products from energy powders, pre-workouts, capsules, shots and protein powders. All-in-one protein powders provide a convenient one-stop shop that has been specifically formulated to remove the confusion. Our best-selling all-in-one is Cyclone; but is it the right product for you? How can it help you? When should you take it? What are all the ingredients for? We have sent these questions and many others to our nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas, who will leave no stone unturned and provide all the answers.

What is an all-in-one for?

Taking out the guesswork and leaving it to science, is one reason why you might use an all-in-one. Perhaps it’s about the cost? Buying all the ingredients traditionally found in Cyclone, will likely cost more than buying just Cyclone. Not to mention that we have made taste a key focus and it will be extremely difficult to replicate that, if you are doing it yourself.

Why use an all-in-one?

Cyclone all-in-one is designed to support and active individual. Someone who is taking their training and nutrition strategy seriously, but is looking for further support either within their training or for recovery. With the unbeatable protein blend, Cyclone is perfect for supporting a goal of building muscle mass. The added ingredients of Creatine, Zinc, HMB, Glutamine and Vitamin B6 are not just along for the ride. This unique combination of ingredients have been included to take your training up a notch. After all, the harder you work, the greater the results.

“Cyclone is my choice when it comes to improving performance for myself and my clients. It helps me to be ready for my next session and keep pushing for PB’s. There is no better all-in-one out there.” Ollie Marchon, Performance Coach & Gym Owner.

What do the ingredients do?

The key is all of the ingredients working together, but below is a brief explanation as to why we have included them in Cyclone:

  • Whey Protein – the fastest absorbed protein. Every serving is 31-32g of protein. A perfect amount of protein to consume at any given time, irrespective of your body weight.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – scientifically proven to increase performance of repeated bouts of high intensity exercise, such as weight lifting, resistance and cross training.
  • Glutamine – scientific studies have shown that this drops during exercise and is included to support muscle recovery.
  • HMB – prevents protein breakdown and supports a positive protein balance, therefore promoting muscle development. Research has identified that this is particularly useful in new to training or recovering from injury individuals.
  • Zinc – an excellent mineral to include for a number of potential benefits, not least its positive effect of testosterone management, cognitive function, oxidative stress protection and macronutrient metabolism.
  • Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) is added to cyclone to support haemoglobin formation, immune system support and aids in the absorption and utilisation of protein, especially in a diet that has added protein.

For more information about specific sports nutritional ingredients, check out maximuscle ingredients.


How to use an all-in-one?

For the best results, Cyclone should only be mixed with water and used as a shake. People often ask if you can mix Cyclone with milk. This may thicken the shake to a more traditional milkshake, but it actually changes the properties of the protein and slows digestibility. This would counteract the purpose for using the high whey isolate concentration. Adding unwanted calories and macros are the other things to consider, if you were to use milk instead of water.

Whey protein is the only source of protein within cyclone due to its high quality amino acid profile, along with it being the fastest protein source absorbed by the human body.

Are all-in-one powders safe?

100% safe! As always, please follow the usage instructions and remember that any supplement is to support a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. If you have any concerns or previous medical conditions, it may be worth checking with your doctor before using. Cyclone and in fact all of our products are drugs screened and registered on the informed-sport programme.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We continually research, better, less plastic ways to manufacture products. We are about to move to recycled plastic for all of our tubs, but at present, yes, all of the Cyclone packaging is recyclable. Whilst we search for a plastic replacement in the long-term, we are members of the green dot programme. This is a programme whereby organisations pay for their plastic usage.

Cyclone comes in 4 great flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry, Banoffee and Vanilla. Are you ready to take your nutrition and training to the next level. Check out the productss below.