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Best Pre-workout shakes


Best Pre-workout shakes

You can supplement protein into your regime pre-workout for many reasons – and a pre-workout shake is just one way that you can supplement. To supplement as a shake, protein powder is usually mixed with milk or water so that you can drink it in liquid form. In some cases, the powder can also be mixed with a high-sugar sports drink to provide an additional energy source along with protein.

During exercise, energy levels deplete rapidly, causing your muscles to feel fatigued quickly. Supplementing before a workout saturates energy stores in your muscles so that they have a sufficient level of energy to exert during exercise.

Of course, the benefits of a pre-workout shake depend on the ingredients in your shake – each ingredient will play its own role in benefiting your workout.

What are the best ingredients for pre-workout?

With pre-workout, ingredients can vary. The difference between pre-workout shakes is those that contain creatine and those that don’t.

Creatine is often supplemented before a workout to saturate creatine stores within your muscles. This is because creatine is naturally only stored in small amounts, and is used rapidly during exercise. The compound is also linked to increasing physical performance; 3g/d creatine has been shown to increase physical performance during short-term, high intensity exercise.

However, not all pre-workout shakes have to contain creatine. Caffeine is another ingredient that is often used within a pre-workout supplement. With both endurance and high intensity training, caffeine can help increase alertness and concentration.

Branched-chain amino acids can be beneficial when taken as pre-workout. Also, referred to as BCAAs, they are the building blocks of protein. Your body requires protein for energy and protein synthesis.

Pre-workout shake with creatine

Creatine is often mixed with a high-sugar energy drink when taken as a pre-workout drink.

Pre-workout shake without creatine

Creatine doesn’t have to be in your pre-workout – your body already produces a small amount naturally.

A pre-workout shake that doesn’t contain creatine is generally mixed as a powder to milk or water.