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Maximuscle Batch Testing


Maximuscle Batch Testing

Here at Maximuscle we pride ourselves on being 100% batch tested. But what does that mean, and why is it important?

What’s the problem?

Every year in the sporting arena athletes’ careers are left in tatters following positive drugs tests from inadvertent doping. Research has shown that up to 1 in 10 supplements sold on the market are contaminated with some form of steroid or stimulant prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

What’s the answer?

Informed-Sport is an independent quality assurance programme for the sports nutrition industry set up by LGC, a world renowned sports doping control and research laboratory. The programme is designed to ensure supplements are not inadvertently contaminated by cross contamination during manufacturing. Ultimately reassuring consumers and manufacturers alike that their products are made to high quality standards, and manages the risk of inadvertent doping.

What is batch testing?

Sports supplements are manufactured in batches, samples from each batch of products are then tested for prohibited substances. The Informed-Sport programme completes pre-testing of products whereby 5 samples from the same batch are tested to assess intra-batch variation. These highly sensitive tests can detect steroid contamination in the samples at levels of 10 parts per billion, equivalent to 10 drops of water in an Olympic sized swimming pool, whilst other contaminants such as stimulants can be detected at 100 parts per billion. Once certified, post-testing is also completed which involves two finished products from each batch being tested again, giving a further layer of assurance that products are free from contaminants.

Maximuscle Screened and Effective

Some manufacturers only submit one or two their products to be batch tested. At Maximuscle 100% of our products are batch tested with the LGC Informed-Sport programme and screened for banned substances. Giving you peace of mind that you can trust whichever Maximuscle product you choose to help support your training.

Take home message

Safeguard yourself and supplement responsibly choosing products that bear the Informed-Sport logo. Invest in a supplement you can trust.