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Bodypower - The Nutritionist View


The dust has settled and another Bodypower is completed. What an event! Three days of nutritional mayhem. The show is definitely fuelled by protein as it keeps on growing year on year. Hundreds of nutritional brands, a mountain of gym equipment, clothing brands, exercise areas and thousands of budding fitness enthusiasts.

Each year it always throws up some surprises or more accurately a good insight into what the direction of the nutrition supplement industry and more importantly a key insight into what consumers want.

Protein is always a feature, but in the last few years BCAA’s and pre-workouts seems to fight for similar space. As with the European equivalent FIBO, consumers and brands are trying to get added protein in all areas of their diet. Not just the traditional protein shakes, but added into confectionary, convenient high protein food deliveries, cooking sauces and spices and breakfast cereals.

Moving through the reservoir of fake tan, turning the music down, and toning down the colourful lights and imagery, what consumers all want is high quality, great tasting supplements. Natural ingredients are becoming more important and the questions based on Veganism, Gluten-free, Halal and sugar have over taken any questions on sweeteners, fat content and to a certain extent protein source.

Everyone loves a freebie – that goes without saying, and people leave the show ladened with goodies, from hats, t-shirts, flyers and product samples, but how to make sense of it all and pick the right brand for you. This year Maximuscle’s focus was to showcase the newly released low sugar Promax Lean Bars, offer a chance for consumers to win free supplements and to give people the chance to pick our next Promax flavour.

As a brand it was great to see such a variety of consumers and talk about nutrition. Talk about what matters to you – as a newly acquired brand what we can say with certainty is that we have listened, and watch this space, because in 2019 Maximuscle is bringing the bang!

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