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Sunday Meal Prep


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. I'm sure you have heard that one before? Well it's definitely something to consider when it comes to nutrition. I'm sure you have also been to the supermarket when you were hungry or left a meal or snack to chance, quoting something like, "I'll just get something on the way." Sound familiar? I'm sure the outcome of leaving the supermarket with loads more than you intended or only finding unhealthy options on that car journey, is also a familiar story. All things that when left to chance or choice, will cause a dent in your nutrition plans. 

At Maximuscle, we believe that Sunday Meal Prep is one of the best ways to help you stay on track with your nutrition and here's our top tips for success.

  1. Meal Planning – Plan your food intake a week in advance. Perhaps try out our meal plan here. For a bonus point, you could even do an online shop with a bit of cut and paste from the meal plan, and you are ready to go.

  2. Lunch Logistics – Get some decent Tupperware boxes and freezer bags to help keep your food and snacks fresh and your work bag spillage free.

  3. Protein Powered Snacks –A mixture of whole foods and supplements may help to give you a good selection and alleviate any food fatigue, along with hitting the daily protein requirements. Foods such as peanut butter on crackers or crispbreads, mixed nuts, chicken pieces, cottage cheese and yoghurt. To compliment the beach body plan try Maximuscle Promax Lean.

  4. Meal Prep – Typically this is a Sunday, but in truth, any day of the week will do. Line up your Tupperware containers and get filling. Try cooking up a few extra chicken breasts with some salad or mixed veg. Perhaps try a couple of different types of powdered seasoning to spice things up a bit.

  5. Weigh It Out – Don't become obsessed with weighing food, but to help you get the right portion sizes and food containers, you may find it useful to weigh your food at first. Just because the box is big, doesn't mean you have to fill it.

  6. Your Intake – Try keeping a food diary, perhaps use an online equivalent. These tools are really helpful reminders and educators of where your weaknesses lie.

  7. Monitor Your Progress – Use a number of measures to keep a track of your progress. Most people become obsessed with weighing themselves on the scales, but that only gives you part of the story. Even water you drink would go down as extra weight according to the scales. Always weigh yourself at the same time, on the same scales. Also take some measurements, such as your hip, waist, arms, chest, neck, thighs. How your clothes fit is always a good indication.

  8. Left Overs – For some reason we are often guilty of cooking too much or in deed over doing the portion sizes. Once you have a better handle on portion sizes from food labels or food weighing, box up the extra, and lunch is served.

Ask around your friends or work colleagues and I bet at least 5 out of 10 people is leaving their nutrition choices to chance or whatever is left in the fridge or freezer. 

When it comes to what we eat, it should be easy, we are the ones in complete control, but as with anything temptation and choices often lead us astray. If you prepare your meals, then nothing is being left to chance. 

Join us and thousands of others, that are taking pictures of their Sunday meal prep.