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Which is best – Casein or Whey?

Although whey and casein are similar in amino acid (AA) structure there’s a common misconception that whey protein is the superior supplementary choice due to its ease of digestibility. As such, whey releases AAs relatively quickly into the system, ready to be used by muscle for restoration and growth. Casein on the other hand is a slow releasing protein, meaning that it takes longer to digest and releases AA over a longer period of time compared to whey.
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Casein for Body Building

There’s no two ways about it, body building takes a significant toll on the body. For a start, the body churns through more calories to maintain muscle compared to maintaining fat. So, the more muscle you build, the more calories the body requires on a daily basis. Not to mention the calories you need to get through training.
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Casein – The Night Time Protein

When you’re putting in the hard graft on the gym floor, don’t let the quick wins slip away. Casein can be the perfect protein bolt on to your nutrition plan to promote muscle maintenance and growth.
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What Is A High Quality Protein

Whey, vegan, pea, casein, hemp, brown rice, egg. With so many sources of protein on the market, how do you know which is best? Keep reading to find out more about protein quality.
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Do You Know How Much Protein Is In Your Tub

If you’re shopping around for protein powder you’re most probably comparing the protein content between tubs. Have you ever stopped to question if you’re getting what’s advertised on the label?
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