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High Protein Easter Cheesecakes

Easter Cheesecake.jpeg
High-protein Easter cheesecakes the whole family will enjoy 🙌

Recipe makes 6 mini cheesecakes 😍

For the base:
- Four MaxiNutrition Premium Protein Bars

For the filling:
- 150g chocolate spread of choice (we used sugar-free)
- 150g lighter cream cheese
- 120g dark chocolate, melted and cooled
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- Mini eggs, to decorate

- Blend your protein bars to a powder.
- Press into the base of silicone cupcake cases or cake cases in a cake tin.
- Now, beat the chocolate spread with cream cheese until smooth.
- Slowly beat in the melted dark chocolate and vanilla, and add a small splash of milk to loosen if needed.
- Spoon on top of the protein bases, then chill.

Each cheesecake with four mini eggs:
Kcal 428 | Protein 12.5g | Fat 24g | Carbs 42g