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Easy Vegan Salted Peanut Tarts

Breakfast Tarts.jpeg

😍 Easy Vegan Salted Peanut Tarts 😍

Makes 6

For the base:
- 9 MaxiNutrition Vegan Salted Peanut Protein Nut Bars
- 2 tbsp vegan butter

For the optional Caramel:
- 4 heaped tbsp cashew butter
- 4 tbsp maple syrup
- 2.5 tbsp vegan butter
- 1 tsp vanilla
- Sea salt to taste

To top:
- 12 heaped tbsp yoghurt of choice

- To make your base, blend the protein bars until they are ground down. Add the butter and pulse until the mixture sticks and clumps together (if you need to, add a touch more butter).
- Press into the base of loose-bottomed mini tart tins, working the mix up the sides. Set aside in the fridge to chill.
- Now, make your caramel, if using. Heat the cashew butter and butter, stirring often, until melted. Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine, warming gently until slightly thickened. Add salt to taste. Let cool.
- Once cool, spoon into the base of your tarts, then top with the yoghurt of choice.
- Decorate with berries and enjoy!

Macros per tart (with caramel):
Kcal 568 calories / Fat 39g / Carbs 26g/ Protein 20g

Macros per tart (without caramel):
Kcal 416 calories / Fat 29g / Carbs 20g/ Protein 19g