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We sat down with Yazi to chat to her about all things training, nutrition and most importantly what her go-to Maximuscle product is…. 

When did you first get into sport/fitness?

-Started playing hockey when I was 7  

What’s your favourite sport/workout?

- Sport is field hockey, and workout would be any form of WOD! 

Who or what inspires you?

- Hardworking people, anyone who works hard to reach their dreams inspires me, no matter what industry. 

What’s the one thing in your training regime that you can’t live without?

- Diversity! 

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned when it comes to training?

- Sleep is so so important and you should listen to your body  

 What are your key goals when it comes to nutrition?

- To be consistent and listen to my cravings.

What’s your favourite Maximuscle product (if you had to choose one)? And why?

- Plant max banoffee fudge protein powder! 

Why Maximuscle?

- I love the brands culture, values and impression it has. It’s a community. The people who take Maximuscle products are all sharing some form of the same goal, a lot of maxi products are given to elite athletes who care about their performance and want to take nothing but the best.