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Why Choose MaxiNutrition Protein?

MaxiNutrition products use scientific innovation to help you achieve your individual goals. Our scientists have worked hard to ensure you get what you need to reach your potential.
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What is Informed-Sport?

Informed-Sport is a certification programme for sports supplements, MaxiNutrition full range of products are registered under this programme.
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New Formula: What protein should I buy?

Asking yourself ‘what protein should I buy?’ Then you’ve found the right place. MaxiNutrition’s new formula is a unique blend of three types of protein.
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Cyclone Milk 330ml

GSK Consumer Healthcare is recalling all MaxiNutrition® Cyclone Milk 330ml product, in all flavours, from consumers and retailers within the UK & Ireland. The decision to recall has been taken following an investigation after the company received some complaints regarding the quality of the product.
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Maximuscle to MaxiNutrition

As sports nutrition progressed from the domain of bodybuilders to that of the everyday gym user, MaxiMuscle became MaxiNutrition.
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