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How to Become a Body Builder – Step 1

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How to Become a Body Builder – Step 1

If you’re new to body building but not really sure where to start, MaxiNutrition (Formerly Maximuscle) have the basics sorted with useful tips to help you on your way.


No matter how much you train don’t expect to wake up 14 days into your plan looking like Arnie. Before you start your body building journey take a moment to set REALISTIC goals. It takes time, focus and consistency.


Even with the best initial intentions, being a lone ranger on the gym floor is tough. Find a friend with similar goals to buddy up and train with. Working out as a pair makes you accountable and can boost motivation, helping you to push through barriers and progress with your training.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you walk into the gym without a training plan you’re more likely to waste time and not work to capacity. Keep a log book in your kit bag with your plan including a space to enter your progression in weight each week. Alternatively, check out the pre-made MaxiNutrition (Formerly Maximuscle) Home of Gains training plans that are ready to print.


It probably goes without saying that strength training is key to body building. If you’re new to lifting tin, start with body weight exercises to learn the essential movement patterns. Mix in variations of push-ups, press-ups and squats into a circuit to get you started.

When you progress to lifting free weights aim to train each body part at least once per week, using a mirror to ensure your form stays strong.


One of the biggest rookie mistakes when entering the body building world is waiting to be comfortable at a particular weight before adding more weight. It’s never going to be easy. Push your body to adapt by aiming to beat your personal bests from the weeks before. Having said that always ensure your technique is solid and be sensible with what you lift, don’t try to push through niggles that could transform into injuries. Injuries will cause you to miss training sessions and could cause you to lose the gains you’ve made.


Adaptation from training happens in bed, not under the squat rack. Rest is one of the most important considerations for body building. If you push your body to the limits working out 4 – 5 days per week, make sure to mix in rest days to recover and adapt to the stresses and strains of weight training. Make training sustainable by aiming for at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night, supplementing with naps where necessary.


Becoming a body builder is no easy feat, and eating rubbish to bulk up isn’t the way forward. As a budding Adonis you’ll need to up your daily calorie intake to meet the demands of increased training, with a focus on consuming the correct amount of protein for your individual body weight. Check out the MaxiNutrition How to Build a Body Builder diet article for more nutritional hints and tips.