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Circuit Training Programs


What is circuit training? Why should I add it to my training program?

You may have already heard about circuit training programs, also known as simply ‘circuits’. It’s a fantastic way to create a varied and dynamic mix of exercises into your training with a rapid rotation of aerobic and strength challenges.

What can I expect from a circuit class?

Every workout can be different. Circuit training programs can combine weightlifting, aerobics, gymnastics and bodyweight exercises in fast succession. You may also find yourself running, rowing or skipping. Olympic weight sets, ropes, rings, jump ropes and mats may all come into play. Most classes last an hour, and have a reputation for pushing even the most experienced athletes to their limit. You’ll often be working as a team, encouraging other members, and being accountable for your own performance.

Do you have to be super-fit to join a circuits class?

Whilst it has a hardcore reputation, it’s also inclusive, and you should see a good mixture of people in each class. You should begin at a level which teaches correct form, movement and technique. This can then be followed by a more advanced course when you’re happy your body can manage the effort and control needed.

Can you do circuits from home?

You’ll find plenty of advice about creating your own circuits online, accompanied by tutorials that can be found on YouTube. Even though you may not have the equipment you’ll find in your classes, there are many circuit routines that work just as well using basic weights, a mat and skipping rope, for instance. However, home workouts are going to be most useful if you already have extensive knowledge of the moves you need, and you’ll learn fastest at a class.

What about nutrition while I’m doing circuit training?

Circuit training is brilliant at developing aerobic fitness as well as body conditioning. You’ll want to follow a healthy diet that carries on the good work: lean proteins, green vegetables, nuts and seeds and low GI carbohydrates will all make you feel great.