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Muddy Races & Obstacle Running Guide


How to get ready for Mud Running and Obstacle Racing

Muddy races and obstacle racing are the toughest new challenges you can face but they’re becoming more popular than ever. Get started in mud running by following our handy guide.

Introduction to mud running

You’ve probably already heard about scary-sounding races with names describing how tough, muddy and warrior-like the runners have to be. Mud running evolved from a very niche racing world, where dirt, obstacles and danger made for some really satisfying - if painful - finish lines. Muddy races are a combination of mid-to-long distance running with assault courses, often having a team element built in. That means if you’re training for one, you need to focus on new areas.

Running training

It’s going to be very different to your normal 5K, 10K or half-marathon. Mud runs are normally trail-based, so you’ll need to build in plenty of off-road training to strengthen your legs get your joints ready for he sensation of running on softer ground. Mud runs are often in sections, so you’ll be varying your pace from sprints to fast walks

Strength training

You’ll be facing plenty of obstacles, from cold swims, jumps, swinging on ropes and bars, climbing and crawling. That means you need to start thinking about strength training, as well as cardio fitness. Build in some resistance training to your weekly routine, perhaps by visiting circuits classes or going climbing. You need to build up core and upper body strength to match your running power: some pro obstacle racers even train in weighted vests, alternating short runs with press ups, dips, squats, lunges and pull- ups to make sure every muscle is ready to haul your body across any challenge.


In the run up to the race, help your body build more muscle mass by taking in extra protein. You can also assist your training by supplementing with creatine, which is proven to increase explosive power during short-term, high-intensity training and is perfect for the kind of fast and hard training you need to accomplish - try Maximuscle Cyclone; for protein with creatine in one shake. On race day, you might benefit from caffeine which delivers focus and alertness by using carbohydrate gels such as Maximuscle Fuel Max Caffeine Boost just before you begin.

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