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6 Pack in 6 Weeks - Body Transformation Sarah Phillips



Age: 23
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Goal: Summer Cuit
Start Point: Sarah is already in great shape and understands how to get her body, summer ready. This challenge was the perfect push that Sarah needed to put her plans into action.

Nutritional Analysis

As a start point Sarah was already in a great place. The Maximuscle 6 pack in 6 weeks was just a perfect motivational opportunity for Sarah to fine tune her nutrition, pick up a few helpful points and knuckle down to some hard work.

To get the ball rolling below is the nutritional breakdown for Sarah’s diet, based on her height, weight, age and activity level. This is then further broken down into a week by week programme to help get that body lean for the summer.

Here’s Sam’s Nutritional Breakdown:

Total Calories = 2504 kcal per day







1131 kcal

452 kcal

679 kcal

283 g

113 g

75 g

4.5 g/kg/bw

1.8 g/kg/bw


Always start with the end in mind, for Sarah this is what we worked from:



Carbs, g

Fat, g

Protein, g







50:20:30 – Carbs:Protein:Fat Ratio


















50:25:25 – with a 10% goal adjusted reduction












43:30:25 – with a 20% goal adjusted reduction

We are really pleased with Sarah’s results despite the usual summer temptations of holidays, travelling with work, friends peer pressure, the office treats or Sarah’s two big vices – bread and Aperol Spritz.

To help you get on the right track, we caught up with Sarah after the photo shoot and picked her brains.

Sarah’s Story

Maximuscle: Did you find anything particularly tough during the challenge?

Sarah: It’s been hard to juggle healthy eating and a good fitness routine with work and a social life, particularly if you have a job where you have to travel a lot, work late hours and attend a lot of networking events - I found this really tough! It’s hard to pick yourself back up again.

Maximuscle: Unfortunately, a lifestyle change, especially a super healthy one, is often challenging, did you find anything particularly easy and why?

Sarah: Once you've had a week of sweating it out in the gym, you already feel yourself getting fitter and stronger, and suddenly the gym becomes enjoyable. You just feel more energetic day to day! I've found it surprisingly easy to say no to snacks, people bring sweets and cookies into the office all the time (to try sabotage anyone on some means of a healthy eating regime) - just say no! Eating healthy lunches has also been super easy, you can just make sure you buy the right food at the supermarket (the trick is to go when you're not hungry) you choose the right food and then it’s the only choice you have to eat later on! But socialising is a different story... With my job, I go out for dinner all the time, and the quinoa salad just doesn't cut it when you're sitting next to someone bit a big bowl of cheesy ravioli. Or when they put a big basket of warm bread and butter in the middle of the table... I'm only human!

Maximuscle: All in moderation! What would be your top nutritional learning points that others might also benefit from?

Sarah: I really enjoyed cooking nutritious and balanced meals, they tasted amazing and not like boring salads you see all over Instagram. I've learnt that carbs are not my enemy, I just needed to cut down processed carbs and replace them with "good" carbs. Eating "good" carbs around my workouts gives me so much more energy, and you need them to help you get through the sessions. You really need to think of it as fuel, you can't train well on food with little substance.
I've learnt that if anything, you need to eat MORE. Eating less will just lead me to binge at the weekend, so if I keep filling myself up with healthy yet yummy food, I won't get those cravings.

Maximuscle: Healthy foods and snack. What would be your go to food or snack?

Sarah: The Promax Lean banana protein shake is the absolute bomb, I have it every morning with a banana, soy milk and a little bit of reduced sugar Nutella.

Thanks Sarah and congratulations, you look amazing! Hopefully, Sarah has inspired you to take the six weeks challenge. It’s unbelievable what you can achieve in such a short period of time, the key to unlocking your potential, like Sarah, is motivation, strong will power, dedication, hard work, food planning, preparation and realism. Treats don’t have to all be bad or even avoid, but don’t let those treats turn into a regular habit. Download the Maximuscle 6 pack in 6 weeks training and nutrition plans, and start today

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