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Men’s Health Week 2019 - Maximuscle Workout

June 10th marks the start of Men’s Health Week 2019, a week designed to encourage more men to become active and take an interest in their health.

Training Plans

Strength + Power 3 Day Training Plan

3 day training plan to help increase your strength and power. Reach your goal with Maximuscle.

How To Get a Six Pack At Home - Training Plan

Wondering how to get a six pack at home? Here’s MaxiNutrition’s home ab workout guide on building a great 6 pack without the gym.

Training Plan to Increase Muscle Mass and Size

5 day training plan to help increase muscle mass and size. Reach your Mass & Size goals with a steady plan and nutrition from Maximuscle.

Mass & Size 3 Day Training Plan

3 day training plan to help increase your Mass & Size. Reach your Mass & Size goal with Maximuscle.

How to Build Leg Muscle

Learn how to build leg muscle and build lower body power and mass with Maximuscle advice and training tips.

Lean Definition Training Plan

Learn how to get lean with our lean definition training plan, a five day workout program designed to shred fat and create a ripped physique.

Lean Definition 3 Day Training Plan

3 day training plan to get you on your way to achieving your goal.

Half Marathon Training Plan

The MaxiNutrition half marathon training plan will prepare you for your first big race and set you in good stead for tackling future marathons.

Brownlee Brothers 6 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

The Brownlee Brothers and MaxiNutrition walk you through a 6 week sprint triathlon training plan. Learn their methods to excel.

Bouldering Training Plan

Bouldering Training means time in the gym and technical time spent on the wall. Be the best you can be in the physically demanding sport with our guide.