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New Cycling Challenges and Running Routes


Is it time you took on new cycling and running routes?

Experimenting with different forms of running and cycling challenges brings greater benefits to fitness and strength. Here are some new ideas you can try to keep things fresh.

Track running

Track running is flat and without distractions like traffic and pedestrians, and tracks are usually floodlit at night so you can train through the winter. It’s a fantastic way to measure your progress, because the conditions are stable and the distances are accurate. 

Trail running

Trail running gives you a sense of freedom and meeting a new challenge. Whether you run solo cross-country or as a trail running club, make sure you have the right kit and will stay safe, as you’ll be in a wilder environment. The hills and surfaces will strengthen new parts of your legs, too. 

Fartlek running

Fartlek means ‘Speed Play’ in Swedish, and it’s been devised to increase the results of your running. It usually combines a long slow run with periods of fast running at different speeds, from jogging to flat-out sprints. The beauty of Fartlek is that it’s unstructured: you get to choose what to do, for how long and for how far. You listen to your body, in other words. It gives you elements of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in one.

Velodrome cycling

Cycling in a velodrome gives you a faster, more aggressive ride in all weathers and can take your training up a notch. Specially designed for speed and with public access, velodromes are closed and protected environments that allow fast riding in safety. You can try sprint or endurance events, depending on your training goals. 

Cycling with a club

If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself or have hit a training plateau, you can move up a gear by joining a club. Challenging yourself against other riders and entering competitions as part of the club is a fantastic way to keep your bike training fresh and fast. 

Cycle speedway

Two teams of two riders race on a short oval shale track in a fast and furious event that combines explosive power with tactics and daring skill. It increases your ability to sprint, and because Cycle Speedway bikes are so simple and rugged, it gives you a ‘back to basics’ feeling that many cyclists will love.