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Think all protein tastes the same? It’s time to Get Real…

When it comes to protein we think it’s time to dispel the myths and get real. Sports nutrition shouldn’t be a compromise on great tasting protein and quality ingredients. That’s why we use real ingredients, real fruit flavours and nothing artificial so our snacks and protein powders taste delicious without the nasties. 

It starts with removing unnecessary ingredients; like our New MaxWhey protein powders made without thickeners or our vegan friendly Natural Bars that deliver high protein and fibre without the dairy, wheat or gluten. Our chocolate hazelnut protein dippers pack a protein punch without using any palm oil and we’ve removed collagen from our protein bars so they’re vegetarian friendly. 

We’ve also added real ingredients, unlike other protein powders we add the real fruits so your post workout shake tastes and looks authentic, rather than using flavours and colours.

All our products give you real peace of mind thanks to being Informed Sport tested and approved, every single batch is independently tested. 

Using real ingredients and flavours gives you real satisfaction and results, so if you care what you put in your body, it’s time to Get Real. 

Get Real with Maximuscle - Real Fruit and Natural Flavours
  • Get Real with Maximuscle - Real Fruit and Natural Flavours

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