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MaxiNutrition Sports Zone

Welcome to the Sport Zone

This is the MaxiNutrition sports zone, it's been built so your clued up on the latest training and exercises top clubs and athletes are using to stay at their best.

Want to know a bit more about the athletes we partner with? Check out our heroes and ambassadors section for more information.


MaxiNutrition Rugby Articles


Strategies to Maximise Rugby Training & Performance

In this article, Dr. Nick Tiller offers tips to maximize your rugby training and performance on the pitch. read more


Scrum-ready rugby recipes

Learn how to eat so you’re ready for the scrum - no matter how frequently you train, you still need a nutrition plan to support your performance on the pitch. read more

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Rugby Player Diet and Nutrition Advice

MaxiNutrition analyses their rugby player diet and nutrition advice. read more


Prehabilitation Exercises for Rugby

Prehab helps athletes to create stronger, more mobile, and more resilient bodies. Read our guide to help you train harder and assist you in reaching your full potential! read more

MaxiNutrition Bodybuilding Articles


How to Build a Body Building Diet

If you’re new to body building but aren’t sure how to tailor your diet to support your increased training - never fear, Maximuscle is here! We’ve pulled together 5 starter must do’s for all new aspiring body builders. read more

How to become a body builder - Step 1.jpg

How to Become a Body Builder – Step 1

No matter how much you train don’t expect to wake up 14 days into your plan looking like Arnie. Before you start your body building journey take a moment to set REALISTIC goals. It takes time, focus and consistency. If you’re new to body building but not really sure where to start, Maximuscle have the basics sorted with useful tips to help you on your way. read more


How To Gain On A Budget

Whether your perfect body is the muscularity of a cover model or the sheer muscle size of a body builder, either way it’s a journey of hard work in the gym and the right nutrition with a focus on protein to get there. But what do you do if you’re on a budget? read more


Winter Clean Eating Meal Plan

Winter warmers with all the gains, read MaxiNutrition’s guide to eating well through the cold months with our winter clean eating meal plan. read more

MaxiNutrition Boxing Articles


Training and Nutrition for MMA

Check out MMA Training and Nutrition article, which is just one of a wide range of specialist training related articles here at MaxiNutrition. read more


Strength & Power Training for Boxing

Inflicting this power on an opponent without getting hit yourself. Muhammad Ali made this reference ahead of his world heavyweight championship title fight against George Foreman. read more


Power Training For Boxing

The conditioning exercises I do are all hard. You look at yourself ten weeks before a fight and there's nothing there, then after five weeks conditioning you look and you're ripped again! read more


Pop Strength for MMA

Check out MMA Training and Nutrition article, which is just one of a wide range of specialist training related articles here at MaxiNutrition. read more

MaxiNutrition Football Articles


Strength Training For Football Players

Circuit training and suspension training programmes make for great strength training for football players. Learn why in MaxiNutrition’s latest online guide. read more


New Premier League Players To Watch Out For

MaxiNutrition has looked at four players about to make their Premier League debuts, as well as how to adapt your football training to be just like them. read more


Sprint Training For Football Players

MaxiNutrition’s sprint training guide for football players will give both defenders and strikers the edge over their opponents. Read the advice online now. read more


Footballers Diet Plan for Match Day

A footballer’s diet plan come match day should cover what is consumed from morning through to evening. Read MaxiNutrition’s advice for such an occasion. read more