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UK's Original All-In-One Protein Powder | Powering Performance Since 1995

At MaxiNutrition we understand what it takes to achieve your performance goals and we believe that this starts with high quality protein. MaxiNutrition have been producing the highest quality protein supplements since 1995, with innovation being at the heart of everything we do. MaxiNutrition continually strives to bring active-lifestyle customers, athletes and trainers the highest quality ingredients in convenient formats to support training goals.

MaxiNutrition: The original innovators. MaxiNutrition was one of the first to create scientifically tested and proven sports nutrition products. Our success has been built on trust and our ability to deliver quality, great tasting performance products.

With fast acting and slow release proteins, MaxiNutrition Cyclone, Promax, Progain and Promax Lean formulas give you the best recovery after every session made with premium ingredients in optimum concentrations for maximum effect.

Our black tub performance range are always Informed Sport tested, for peace of mind the quality you get is the quality you deserve.

Promax Red Light Effect v2
Elite Range Promax

Promax: Restore & Rebuild

Promax is a superior protein blend scientifically designed to support muscle growth and maintenance, particularly for those who play sport or want to take their training to the next level. It contains a premium blend of whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate (WPI) and Hydrolysate.

- 28g Protein per serving
- Low Calories, Sugar and Fats
- High in Vitamin B6, BCAAs and Magnesium

Promax restore helps you recover from workout, reducing tiredness and fatigue. 

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Progain Purple Light Effect v2
Elite Range Progain

Progain: Size & Mass Gainer

MaxiNutrition Progain is a scientifically proven blend of high-quality whey protein that delivers great taste, great results and supports muscle mass that enables you to reach your goals.

- Perfect for increasing Size and Mass
- 37g Protein per portion
- High Carbs and Calories per serving

Progain packed full of protein to help reach your size and mass goals.

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Cyclone Light Effect v2
Elite Range Cyclone v2

Cyclone: Strength and Performance

MaxiNutrition Cyclone is the UK's no.1 All-in-one protein powder. It contains a ultra-premium blend of whey protein isolate (33%), whey protein concentrate (26%) and whey protein hydrolysate (2%) whilst delivering 31g of protein per serving (depending on the flavour).

- All-in-one blend for Strength and Performance
- 31g of protein per serving.
- Added Creatine, Calcium HMB and Zinc

Pick up the UK's no.1 All-in-one protein powder, whilst stocks last!

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Promax Lean Green Light Effect v2
Elite Range Promax Lean

Promax Lean: Restore & Shred

Our blended Promax Lean powder is a fat free, sugar free, high protein shake designed to support lean muscle development. Also gluten free, soy free and suitable for vegetarians.

- 28-30g Protein per serving
- Low Calories, Fat and Sugar free
- Added Green Tea Extract, Caffeine & L-Carnitine. 

Promax Lean has all the benefits of Promax protein, with less calories, fats and sugars. 
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