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nadia whats inside that counts
Some performance products may look healthy but when you look a little closer, what’s really inside? You might find inferior ingredients that you don’t need; artificial colours and flavours, low quality protein and unnecessary thickeners . When it comes to training you put your best effort in to get the best result out, so why compromise with products that won’t work as hard as you do?

We’ve been leading the way in performance nutrition and perfecting winning formulations for over 25 years. We believe that your best effort, whatever your goal, starts with the best nutrition.
From protein powders to delicious snacks we see scientifically-leading ingredients with real, natural flavours so you can see better results and better performance.

Inside every product you’ll find only the essential ingredients you need, like premium protein, natural flavours for a better taste, no unnecessary thickeners for a better consistency and Informed Sport Approval for peace of mind.

It’s what’s inside that counts…