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What Is #YourMAX?

#YourMax is a journey not a destination.

It's your journey; there is no last stop, there is no finish line. There is only your next breakthrough!

It's a journey without end because there is no end to what you can achieve; there are no limits. There is no stopping who you are and who you want to become.

YourMax is a state of mind; it's reaching further, pushing harder, never satisfied, never content.

YourMax is growing stronger, being better today than you were yesterday.

Team Maximuscle #YOURMAX

Tyler Saunders

Ex GB Wheelchair Athlete

“To me #YourMax means pushing myself beyond my perceived limits. Doing things that place me outside of my comfort zone. Removing self-imposed limitations and allowing me to be a better, improved version of myself.”

Nadia Abreu

CrossFit Athlete

"#YourMax to me is discipline not just hard work. It's making every day count to meet my goals, it’s a journey not a destination."

Yazi Chahal

Fitness Influencer

"Challenge yourself, realise your potential, set your own goals, push past your comfort zones to reach your max. Your max is another level of you."

Anthony Watson

Professional Rugby Player

#YourMax means concentrating on maximising my talents and making every day and every opportunity I have, the best it possibly can be."

Ruby Jackson

Fitness Influencer

"To me, #YourMax means taking it to a level even you didn’t know you could bring."

Daine Mitchell

CrossFit Coach and Athlete

"My Max is to be consistently better than I was the day before in training, in competition, in coaching and in life so that I can motivate others to build confidence and a better mindset by celebrating improvements in daily performance instead of being fixated on what they see in the mirror."

Dan Lambert

Personal Trainer

"#YourMax is the relentless drive towards the best version of yourself!"

Ollie Marchon

Coach & Gym Owner

"#YourMax is accepting that you’re never the finished article. With fitness, the work is never complete and the finish line never reached. You can always do better."