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Gen P ‘feeling strong’ Meal Planner


Meal Plan

If you’re looking for performance not just show, you know there’s no shortcut to feeling strong. We at Gen P are here to help you plan your nutrition to support your training goals. Follow the timeline below for a nutritious, balanced diet. Alternatively, pick and choose 1 of the specially selected snack and meal options.


1. Poached eggs on wholegrain toast (1 egg, 2 Toast) 211 kcal| Carbs 12g | Protein 13g | Fat 7g

2. Porridge with ½ a serving of Gen P Protein powder (oats 27g, 180 ml semi-skimmed milk) 238 kcal| Carbs 25g | Protein 19g | Fat 6g

3. Bran Flakes with semi skimmed milk 210 kcal| Carbs 30g | Protein 10g | Fat 5g

4. Omelette with tomato and cottage cheese (2 eggs) 273 kcal| Carbs 4g | Protein 27g | Fat 16g

5. Gen P Pancakes (1/2 a serving of Gen P, as per protein pancake video) 282 kcal| Carbs 27g | Protein 15g | Fat 11g

Add a piece of fruit to breakfast

1. Banana (medium) 116 kcal| Carbs 27g | Protein 4g | Fat 0g

2. Orange (medium) 62 kcal| Carbs 15g | Protein 1g | Fat 0g

3. Apple (medium) 95 kcal| Carbs 25g | Protein 1g | Fat 0g

4. Grapefruit (100g) 32 kcal| Carbs 8g | Protein 1g | Fat 0g

5. Pear (medium) 96 kcal| Carbs 26g | Protein 1g | Fat 0g


1. Chicken salad with in a wholemeal wrap (100g chicken) 391 kcal| Carbs 37g | Protein 38g | Fat 11g

2. Tuna Salad (180g) 202 kcal| Carbs 5g | Protein 14g | Fat 14g

3. Spiced Pumpkin Soup 179 kcal| Carbs 32g | Protein 13g | Fat 1g (you may want to add a roll or bread for extra carbs)

4. Feta Cheese and cottage cheese salad with light Balsamic Vinegar 229 kcal| Carbs 11g | Protein 23g | Fat 8g

5. Wholemeal pitta with chicken and mixed salad 205 kcal| Carbs 28g | Protein 19g | Fat 2g

Evening Meal

(avoid frying if possible, use olive oil)

1. Sirloin Steak (100g) with mushrooms (75g) and sweet potato (100g) 330 kcal| Carbs 20g | Protein 28g | Fat 14g

2. Seasoned Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables and Cous cous 356 kcal| Carbs 26g | Protein 34g | Fat 11g

3. Chicken and Prawn Paella (300g) 339 kcal| Carbs 56g | Protein 19g | Fat 4g

4. Chicken and peanut stir fry 364 kcal| Carbs 32g | Protein 30 | Fat 13g

5. Salmon Steak with mixed vegetables and potatoes 339 kcal| Carbs 33g | Protein 26g | Fat 11g


(to be use mid morning and mid afternoon)

1. Handful of mixed nuts, raisins and sultanas 40g 209 kcal| Carbs 14g | Protein 8g | Fat 13g

2. Cottage Cheese on crisp bread crackers 162 kcal| Carbs 20g | Protein 16g | Fat 2g

3. Reduced fat peanut butter 30g on 2 multigrain crisp breads 250 kcal| Carbs 23g | Protein 8g | Fat 13g

4. Low fat yoghurt (125g) 115 kcal| Carbs 19g | Protein 4g | Fat 2g

Product support

Use the product to either increase your protein amount of your diet, typically this is used as a mid morning and/or mid afternoon snack, and immediately after exercise.

1. Gen P 3 Way Protein Blend 116 kcal| Carbs 1.9g | Protein 20g | Fat 1.4g

2. Gen P Protein Bar 159 kcal| Carbs 23g | Protein 10g | Fat 4g

3. Gen P Protein Milk 135 kcal| Carbs 12g | Protein 20g | Fat 0.8g