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A day in the life of Paul Olima


A day in the life of Paul Olima

It’s a busy one, and an early one for me. Once the alarm goes at 05:00, I’m up out of bed and heading straight to the kitchen – it’s never too early for a meal. First thing I do is reach for the shaker, throw in two scoops of Maximuscle Cyclone with 300ml water, and get ahead of the day.

By 06:00 I’m in my gym. Wandsworth Common, that is – a challenge in the winter, but one of the best places I’ve encountered for a good workout. I’m armed with some TRX equipment, as I take my first client through their paces with a bodyweight circuit to kick start the day.

By 07:00 it’s back home, and time for breakfast. Usually it’s a monster bowl of porridge to set me off right for the day, with a bit of chill time before my first gym session.

08:00. Two hours of flexibility work, working with foam rollers and held stretching for my lower body. While it’s foam rolling and hockey ball work against a wall to give a good stretch to my upper body.

A second breakfast at 10:00 is in order, larger this time to prepare me for my second workout. Four scrambled eggs and three pieces of brown bread usually does the trick.

At around 11:00, I’m back in the gym armed with some insanely-good Maximuscle BCAA Apple & Pear, and it’s a bigger session this time. More functionality work and mobility exercises to get the muscles working, before I’m hitting the bench for a big chest session.

13:00, and it’s time to recharge again. Two scoops of Maximuscle Cyclone, the good stuff to sort me out, and by 14:00 it’s back in the kitchen for a pre-game carb load with pasta.

More client work after that, and by 15:00 it’s a lesson in squats. The big one. Once done, I’ll grab a Maximuscle Promax Cookie Dough bar (my favourite) around 16:00, before some well-deserved downtime at 17:00, with some stretching in the living room around 18:00.

More evening client work at 19:00, another TRX and bodyweight outdoor circuit, before dinner at 20:00 – two chicken breasts, veg and rice, the perfect end to a carb focused day.

Winding down, I’ll grab another power hour of downtime at 21:00, topping up on a scoop of Maximuscle Casein, and it’s off to bed by 22:00, ready to run through people at the game day tomorrow!