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How to get the most out of your bulking meal plan


Bulking Meal Plan Advice

In a perfect world you’ll be able to follow a bulking plan to the letter, but sometimes life gets in the way and you can easily get de-railed from your mission to achieve a cover model worthy body. Maximuscle have pulled together some top tips to stay on track.


Remember that nutrition is highly variable between individuals and their goals. Make sure you’re getting in enough calories per day by using the nutrition calculator on the reverse of the plan. Once you’ve figured out how many calories you need to eat per day, you’ll know whether to choose the higher or lower calorie meal/snack choices on the plan.


You can only do what you can do. Don’t stress if you have missed your mid afternoon snack because of an overrun meeting, or you only have a few oats left to make half a bowl of porridge. Make up the calories somewhere else in the day. Same thing applies for when you’re cooking up a storm. If you don’t have a specific ingredient in the cupboard for your Monday dinner choice, just swap in something similar. Let’s say meatballs and pasta are on the plan but your cupboards are barren, no pasta in sight. Open up the bread bin to see if you can make a meatball sub instead.


Even if you’re a pro at following meal plans, the nutritional and calorie content of your meals can vary from those on the plan depending on the brands of foods you pick up at the supermarket. Keep an eye on the numbers and make sure you’re on track by inputting your foods to calorie counter apps on your phone.


Stock up on high calorie protein bars to keep in your desk for busy days. The Maximuscle Progain Mixed Berry flapjacks offer 305 calories and a 20 g protein hit.


A lack of organisation can be the Achilles heel to a bulking meal plan. When you have extra time, possibly on a weekend, spend 10 minutes making a plan for the week including which main meals and snacks you want for each day and create a shopping list accordingly. Planning your weekly menu on the weekend can take the stress out of mid-week when you’re busy with work and gym.


While you’re on a roll with Sunday prep, batch cook a few of your meals to freeze for time strapped days.


Following a bulking diet can come with unforeseen time costs. More meals = more meal prep time. Invest in a specifically designed bulking protein powder such as Maximuscle Progain to get the required calories in without slowing you down.


Think about incorporating the following accessory supplements to your bulking plan.

Maximuscle HMB 1000 tablets contain the amino acid metabolite HMB, a well-researched ingredient popular with trainers and athletes. HMB cannot be made by the body and has to be consumed in the diet.

Unlock the full benefits from your training with Maximuscle Max ZMA tablets which are high in zinc for a healthy testosterone level.