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Increasing Power for Rugby


Paul Olima’s Top 5 Tips for Increasing Power for Rugby

Try to explode over 10-40 meter sprints for several repetitions and ensure full recovery between sets.

Plyometrics are great for forcing the muscle to reach their max strength in the shortest possible time. Some examples that I love are jedi jumps, depth jumps, bounding, all these exercises repeated as powerfully as possible will take your power to a whole new level over time.

Now, for power I am not talking about 1-3 rep maximums, but in fact focusing on moving the heavy weight very quickly, or as quick as possible. Maintain good form but try 4-10 reps with 80% of your maximum load.
Weighted squat jumps, paused bench press etc.

I'm not talking about crunches here but instead focus on inner core. An example to utilize these muscles is when you are in a plank position get someone to try and push you slightly in different directions whilst you hold strong.
This type of core exercise will help you explode from lower positions for those bone crunching tackles we all know and love. Once you have built the strength here it should help you brace impact a lot better.

Old school, but sprinting uphill will help boost your acceleration and speed much more than sprinting on a flat surface. Sprint uphill for a period of time you can manage, and then have an active recovery by walking downhill. Repeat.