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Effects of HMB

The body must rely on external resources to consume leucine. Usually found in your diet, especially in the macronutrient, protein, leucine is sourced in foods including meat, eggs and fish because they contain the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine). HMB supplements are taken so that your body is no longer reliant upon leucine availability. You can always supply your body with a sufficient amount of HMB in the form of supplements to help maintain HMB stores.
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HMB for Women

BCAAs are found in key food groups, especially protein such as meat and fish – so we can get BCAAs in our daily diet. But with the body relying on leucine to metabolise HMB, HMB levels can be difficult to maintain, which is why some people supplement additional HMB – and women can too.
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During exercise, your body needs as much energy as possible for optimum performance. Some gym goers opt to use supplements to support their workout, helping to maximise their desired results. Some options include BCAA and HMB supplements – they can be taken together or separately. HMB is a metabolite of leucine, which is a branched-chain amino acid that can’t be naturally produced in the body. Leucine is part of the trio that make BCAAs alongside isoleucine and valine. However, leucine tends to be the main component, which is why it is usually the highest in the ratio of the three.
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The different types of HMB

HMB can be supplemented into your regime so that your body is no longer reliant on leucine for HMB. The HMB supplements come in two forms, and here, we explore the different types of HMB
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HMB & Creatine

For any form of exercise you need to fuel your body with sufficient levels of energy. Whether it is high intensity or endurance training, energy and muscle stores deplete rapidly during exercise so it’s important to saturate levels pre-workout and replenish them post-workout. This is why some gym goers opt to take additional supplements in their regime to support their workout.
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