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Beach Body Workout and Diet Tips


Keeping Up The Good Work

Have you been working hard to achieve your summer beach body? Don't let yourself down during the hot summer months. Keep your healthy diet balanced throughout the holiday months with our beach body workout and diet tips. Get plenty of lean protein and make sure you use the wonderful weather to work out in the fresh air! Here are seven simple rules to keep your perfectly toned beach body looking great this summer:

Visualise the day ahead. Start your morning with a few minutes in bed, relaxing and focusing on the day ahead and what you would like to achieve. Enjoy your morning workout when it is nice and cool, giving your metabolism a kick-start, setting yourself up for a great day ahead.

Nutrition Is Key

Plan your daily snacks. Eating regular nutritious snacks should be a part of your training plan, to maintain your fitness. Instead of reaching for a low protein sugary snack, grab a great tasting Maximuscle Promax Lean bar. They act as a convenient way of keeping your protein levels topped up throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water. Did you know that dehydration reduces the effectiveness of your workout? In hot weather, you need to steadily increase the amount of fluids you drink. 1.6 Litres a day for women and 2 Litres for men is a guideline; more exercise and heat means you will need to increase this amount. Iced tea and coffee do count, but avoid too many fruit juices and sweet drinks with too much sugar.

Try to keep healthy. Keep an eye on your diet and nutrition, but this doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Enjoy summer treats like BBQs, ice creams and drinks, but consume in moderation and know when to stop. Keep a food diary of indulgent alfresco dinners to help you keep track of calories!

Look after your skin. Don’t forget to use sunscreen when you exercise outside – it’s easy to mistake sunburn for flushed, hot skin. Choose a high factor, zinc oxide-based formula made especially for sports; it should be nongreasy and shouldn’t run into your eyes when sweating. Who wants a perfectly toned body when it’s burnt and red?

Recovery Time

Give yourself time to recover. Let your body recuperate after your beach body workout sessions with a cool drink of lean protein Maximuscle Promax Milk. Each bottle contains 30g of protein, is fat-free and has no added sugar. Stick a frozen one in your backpack and you’ll be able to enjoy it super-cold when you’ve finished your run or bike ride outside in the fresh air.

Get a good night’s sleep. You’ll need at least 8 hours a night to maximise your recovery, and as a good night’s sleep is based on three things; cool, dark and quiet – this may be harder in the summer months. Try using a fan in your room to keep you cool. Use some blackout blinds or an eye mask to keep your sleep consistently dark. For some quiet, try some earplugs, or even some white noise – maybe music low enough to not make out the tune – will help.