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Cyclone: What’s your view?


Hear what Cyclone users are saying

Cyclone is our flagship product. The all-in-one protein powder that supports serious exercises; to help take training to the next level. Over the past 20 years, Cyclone has gone through a number of reformulations and improvements. Today’s high whey protein, naturally flavoured Cyclone has never been better. Specifically formulated high-quality ingredients to support muscle growth and performance. Whilst delivering an unbeatable taste. Of course, our belief in Cyclone goes without saying, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the 5 star reviews from our consumers – real people, real views.


What do you think?

Maximuscle Cyclone “I’ve been using Maximuscle for around the past 6 weeks and in that time I’ve noticed I can push out far more reps than previously, I’ve put on around 10lbs of lean muscle (combined with a healthy diet). It tastes great, no horrible chalky after taste and now I can’t imagine a fitness regime without it.” – Tim Carr

I ordered the cyclone bogof offer and… - “I ordered the cyclone bogof offer and man am I glad I did, it has everything I need in one tub. Protein, calories, carbs, creatine and HMB. It mixes well and tastes great (vanilla). Well after 3 weeks not only are my muscles more defined, I have also gained half a stone of pure muscle. I will definitely be buying again. My only gripe, my preferred vanilla flavour is now out of stock. Please get some in sharpish.” – Paul Kemp

I use Maximuscle Cyclone powders“I use Maximuscle Cyclone powders. I feel that I can trust the Maximuscle brand and feel confident using their products. The chocolate flavour is great (something that my wife has discovered to my cost!!); banana flavour great. For some reason I find the vanilla flavour a little too sweet for my taste. Competitive pricing and very fast delivery. The only supplier for protein powders that I use. Will probably look at some of their other products on offer.” – Frank Hayes

Cyclone“The best all in one on the market no other comes near tried them all and always come back to the best great taste great results.” – Dave Bartlett

Simply the Best!“Maximuscle Cyclone is simply the best all round supplement on the market, for quality and value for money, unbeatable. Used it for years and continue to get gains and good recovery from it.” – James Wood


Cutting through the jargon

For good reasons, we along with other sports nutrition brands have to adhere to a strict set of regulations and guidelines. Providing information and product claims that have been accepted by EFSA’s (European Food Safety Authority) scientific panel and not misleading. Unfortunately, this often means that product information and straight talking advice about a product is not available. Not particularly helpful, especially if you are new to sports supplements, but protects our industry from the use of wild unsubstantiated or false product claims.


Jargon removed, we all want a product that helps support all the hard work; ideally making exercise easy and the gains to come quicker. Your goal or desired results might be performance based, hitting PB’s, supporting sports performance, maintaining or improving health or perhaps you just want to look and feel better. As you can see from our consumer reviews, Cyclone certainly seems to hit the mark.


Over the years it’s fairly typical that new Maximuscle consumer will try one of our protein powders, such as Max Whey or Promax, but then quickly move up to the world’s number one all-in-one, Cyclone. Why bother dipping your toe in, go straight to the product of choice. See what Cyclone can do for you. For more information on the ingredients within Cyclone click here.