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HMB for Pre-Workout


HMB for pre-workout

The natural production of HMB relies on the availability of the essential amino acid, leucine, in the body. Also known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl-butyrate, HMB is metabolised as a by-product of the branched-chain amino acid, naturally by the body. However, the level of leucine in the body can be limited because it is essential, meaning it is not naturally produced in the body and you have to source it externally in your diet through foods such as meat and fish.

Because the body relies on leucine to produce HMB – HMB levels in the body might also be limited, which is why some gym goers choose to supplement extra HMB into their regime to support their workout.

When to take HMB

Timings can vary with HMB supplements depending on the time of your workout. Generally, pre-workout supplementation is the most common, usually around one hour before you begin to exercise. However, when you work out on a morning, this might not be possible so HMB supplements can also be taken immediately before exercise.

One serving is taken before your workout, normally around a 1g dosage. The recommended daily dosage is around 3g – but that is split up into equal servings taken across the day, one of which is pre-workout.

You can also supplement post-workout, and again depending on the timing of your workout, first thing on a morning or on an evening.

Why should you take HMB pre-workout?

Some gym goers choose to supplement HMB pre-workout so that their body isn’t dependent on leucine to maintain HMB levels. Pre-workout supplementation saturates levels ahead of your workout. It can then be taken again post-workout to replenish what has been used during exercise.

For muscle maintenance and growth, protein synthesis must equal or exceed protein breakdown. Protein plays a key role in protein synthesis. When protein levels are high, more HMB can be produced in the body.