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Natural Pre-Workout For Vegans


The best natural pre-workouts for vegans

Just like anyone else who wants to make the most of their high-intensity workout regime, vegans need pre-workout food and supplements that are going to allow them to train to the best of their abilities.

However, unlike everyone else, it can be difficult for vegans to know what pre-workouts to take when dietary requirements are limited to a smaller number of foods. Here, we provide you with the best pre-workouts for vegans to take so that you have a source of supplementation that can be relied on every time you work out to push you to the limits of your rep capabilities.

Your pre-workout meal should contain complex carbohydrates that will help you make the most of the energy you’ll need to rep that extra set at the gym, but it also needs to stay light so that stomach cramps don’t interrupt your workout.

Fruit juice with hemp protein powder

As a quick energy source, fruit juice works fast because it is a liquid – digestion times are therefore minimal as sugar is able to enter the body within a short time-frame, reaching your bloodstream in minutes. By including a hemp protein powder, which is suitable for vegans, this supplies your muscle stores with a source of protein allowing you to make the most of each rep that you perform at the gym.


This is a classic pre-workout meal, as many people like to make the most of the morning and workout after they wake up. Oatmeal is a whole, fibrous food, which means that it takes longer to break down within the body.

It’s an easily customisable dish and you can include nuts or seeds, such as ground flax or chia, if you would like to include an extra protein and energy source once you begin your workout.

Fruit & nut butter

Try some fruit and nut butter for an added protein boost for longer, intense workouts that require your maximum level of endurance. Try some banana alongside this for a potassium boost; as when you sweat, you’ll lose potassium stores in your body.