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Pre-workout Drinks


Pre-workout drinks

During a workout, energy levels become depleted rapidly and cause muscles to prematurely feel fatigue. To reach your goals, your body’s energy levels need to remain high. Supplements can be taken in your regime to aid your workout, most commonly taken before, during or after a workout. Your body needs a sufficient amount of energy for a workout.

The main difference between pre-workout drinks are whether they contain creatine or not. Creatine is most commonly recommended for high intensity workouts, rather than endurance training. Depending upon your goals and workout, the ingredient in your pre-workout drink will vary.

However, the way that you take your supplements will vary. Most workout supplements come in the form of tablets or a powder – the powder is generally mixed with a liquid to make a shake, or a drink. Quite often, the powder is mixed with either water, milk or a high-sugar sports drinks – and here’s why:

Mixed with water or milk

Some people opt to take protein supplements in liquid form by mixing the powder with a liquid. Most protein powders come in an array of different flavours meaning that when mixed with milk or water, they make a refreshing beverage – whilst also keeping the body hydrated.

Mixed with a sports drink

It’s obvious that your body requires high energy levels for optimum performance during a workout. Protein powders can be mixed with a sports drinks prior to a workout to increase energy levels. In particular, 3g/d creatine is often mixed with a high-sugar drink as it has shown to increase physical performance during short-term, high intensity exercise.