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Protein Shakes For Pre-workout


Should I take protein shakes pre-workout?

Energy levels can rapidly deplete and cause muscles to feel fatigue prematurely during a workout, so it’s important to keep them high to reach your goals. Pre-workout nutrition can help saturate the energy stores in your muscles to ensure they have a sufficient level of energy that you can then exert during exercise before feeling fatigue.

Is a protein shake before a workout a wise way to keeping your energy levels high? Here, we discuss why you should consider making it a part of your workout regime:

Why protein is important

Muscles are primarily made up of protein, which function to create enzymes and other hormones that your body requires if it is to continue to build strength.

However, there’s a net loss of muscle protein which occurs during a typical bout of exercise. This is due to protein synthesis either being decreased or unchanged, while protein breakdown is often elevated.

How a pre-workout protein shake can help

Take a protein shake pre-workout and you will be adding protein to your body ahead of exercise, As a result, a pre-workout protein shake allows your body to receive amino acids through a training session.

When to take a pre-workout protein shake

Take a light protein shake — with a serving of protein of around 20 grams — at least 30 minutes before a workout to make sure that you’re fully prepared to workout.

Choose to have a pre-workout protein shake just before you train, or with too much protein in the mixture, the outcome will be exercising on a full stomach.