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The Value of Protein Supplements


The Value of Protein Supplements

If you’re new to training and don’t know whether you should be taking protein supplements or not, Maximuscle have explained the scenarios where you may benefit from supplementation.

Why is protein important for training?

Before we look at the reasons why supplementation may be for you, it’s important to understand how dietary protein can help to support training. When your body is put under strain with exercise micro-tears in the muscle will occur. In order for your muscles to replenish and adapt to training a source of protein needs to be ingested to provide the building blocks of new protein, known as amino acids. These amino acids are found in foods such as meat, fish, dairy sources, nuts, grains and legumes, and are also found in supplementation forms.

How much protein is the right amount?

Sedentary individuals are advised to eat 0.8g protein per kilogram body weight per day (g/kgBW/day), whereas those that exercise regularly need to up their protein intake to between 1.2 – 2g/kgBW/day. For example an 80 kg individual who exercises will need between 96 - 160g protein per day.

Diet comes first

You can’t put the cherry on top of a cake without a delicious base. The foundations of a good diet are imperative to the training outcomes you’re working so hard for, whether that’s losing weight, increasing strength, adding mass or restoring muscle. Make sure you follow a solid diet with a good nutritional profile before adding protein supplements into your regime.

When is protein supplementation right for me?

  1. Top up your diet – If you have a relatively high body mass and as such require a substantial amount of protein per day to support training it can be tricky to meet your recommendations solely with food. Protein products such as powders or bars can supplement what’s missing from your diet.
  2. Convenience – One of the biggest reasons why protein supplements are so popular is because of convenience. Whether you’re at work, on the go or short on time, protein supplements offer a way to pack in the protein with little trouble.
  3. Taste – As the sports nutrition industry has thankfully progressed over recent years; finding great tasting supplements is no longer like hunting a golden goose. With flavours such as Millionaire Shortbread, Vanilla & Almond and Chocolate Brownie it’s hard to say no.
  4. Fast digesting - Whey protein based powders offer a fast acting source of protein versus whole protein sources due to its ease of digestibility, meaning it can get to work in the muscle quicker.
  5. Just the protein – If you’re trying to cut down on calories but still want a protein hit after exercise, protein powders may be the way forward as they provide the essential amino acids with minimal fat and carbs. Obviously every protein powder is different so make sure to check the nutritionals on pack.
  6. Less washing up – Cut down on the washing up by having a protein bar instead of cooking a chicken breast as a snack. No one likes washing up.
  7. Take home message

    So if you’re looking for a nutritional training partner to top up a healthy balanced diet; protein supplementation could be for you. Take a browse on the Maximuscle shop for your perfect partner in crime.