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What is the best diet to follow?


At Maximuscle, we don't believe that there's only one road to success. There's lots of answers to this riddle, and in all honesty, they are probably all right or at least on the right track. But where to start? Well the first question is always, what are you trying to achieve or in some cases, why do you need to change what you are already doing?

Every year we are inundated with claims that someone has found the best diet, and if you want to look good and stay healthy, then this is the diet you need. Of course, science is always evolving, and new techniques and human understanding will uncover some new findings, but in the thousands of years that humans (Homo sapiens) have been on the earth, how is it that there isn't only one diet? The diet for everyone, the human diet. It's likely that there probably is, but too many choices, genetics, wants and needs, all offer us choice.

Earlier this year the NHS and the BDA (British Dietetic Association) updated their Top Diets review, which includes a list and explanation of 12 dietary regimes that are followed. These include diets such as: 5:2, Paleo diet, Dukan diet; New Atkins diet, South Beach diet, to name a few. To add complication, most recently, as published by the Daily Express, the US News and World Report Panel released the best overall diets; proven to give the best results, as determined by 25 nutritional experts. Ironically, only 1 of the 12 diets as reviewed by the BDA, featured in the top 10 diets from the US News report.

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The Top 10 diets as determined by the US News and the World Report Panel are:

  1. DASH diet 
  2. Mediterranean diet 
  3. Flexitarian diet 
  4. Weight Watchers 
  5. MIND diet 
  6. TLC diet 
  7. Volumetrics diet 
  8. Mayo Clinic diet 
  9. Ornish diet 
  10. Fertility diet

To get our take on the top 5 diets, check out recent 'Diet Trends 2018' article and for further information on a number of the diets on the BDA list take a look at our 'Diets Explained' article.