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Fat Metabolisers - Thermobol



Thermobol is a long-standing part of the maximuscle product range, offering further support to individuals looking to lose weight. Whether your goal is to be slimmer, drop a notch on your belt or maybe you want to shred body fat ready for a competition, Thermobol offers the support you need. Nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas, takes a deeper look into Thermobol’s ingredients and offers some reasoning behind why it might be your metaphoric, icing on the cake.


Thermobol is often found within the category of fat burners or thermogenics due some of the ingredients increasing your core body temperature as a consequence to metabolic processes. At maximuscle we go one-step further and position Thermobol as a fat metaboliser, primarily this is based on the B vitamins, Biotin and Chromium, which are scientifically proven to support normal macronutrient (Fat, Protein & Carbohydrate) metabolism. Of course, other ingredients contained within, such as caffeine, green tea extract, guarana seed extract powder and cayenne extract powder are all likely to contribute to the thermogenic response and add to energy being transferred into heat.


  • Each Thermobol tablet contains 148mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to 1.5 - 2 cups of coffee, depending on the coffee bean and brewing.

  • Caffeine is unlikely to have a direct influence weight loss, but as a stimulant, caffeine will give you the push to either work harder during exercise or maybe even provide the incentive to go to the gym after a busy day at work.

Be mindful of your habitual caffeine usage and try to avoid having caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, as this may have a negative impact on you sleep. Thermobol is not recommended for children, pregnant or breast feeding women.

For more on caffeine check out our article on the 'key benefits of caffeine',


Every tablet is packed with impactful ingredients, but two such ingredients that are worth a mention are:

  • Bitter orange peel (Citrus aurantium) which has been the subject of many scientific studies, for its potential therapeutic properties, not least from the presence of flavonoids. Citrus aurantium has been linked to a number of health benefits include support for overweight and obese individuals. There is an established link with citrus aurantium and Synephrine, but the levels contained in Thermobol are similar to those found in orange juice or traditional marmalades.

  • L-Tyrosine - a non-essential amino acid naturally created within the body from Phenylalanine. Previous scientific studies have been interested in the increase in brain dopamine and norepinephrine and the positive cognitive effect of tyrosine supplementation.

Ingredient and consumer safety is very important to us and as such, every batch of Thermobol is accredited on the informed-sport programme.

For Maximuscle, the belief in Thermobol comes from the combination of its ingredients, the consumer reviews and the repeat purchases. All proof that in the absence of approved health claims for some of the individual ingredients, Thermobol offers the support needed to help with burning body fat.


Take 1 tablet three times a day with water. Try to space your consumption across the day, perhaps 1 tablet at breakfast, 1 tablet at lunch and 1 tablet mid-afternoon.


Yes! Thermobol is a safe and effective supplement to add to your diet. As always, but specifically due to the high caffeine content, please follow the recommend usage instructions. If you are planning to hit the gym or do some exercise try take one of your daily tablets 20-30 minutes before exercise, for pre-workout support. A common side effect to exercising and using Thermobol is an increase sweat rate, this is perfectly normal but try and drinking a little extra water during your sessions and throughout the day.


Fat metabolisers, thermogenics and fat burners are often revered as ‘the magic pill’. It would be wrong for me to insinuate that they are, but added to a healthy balanced diet, Thermobol could take your nutrition regime to the next level of support. It’s typical that people combine Thermobol with Promax Lean or Max Whey to ensure that they are adding enough protein into their daily diet. The key is to ensure that you have a healthy well-rounded diet that creates a calorie deficit and forces your body to use the energy it has stored, in this case burn fat. If you are combining Promax Lean with Thermobol be mindful of your increased caffeine consumption, a protein only supplement might be a more suitable choice.