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Creatine For Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding ? - Read how Creatine helps

The compound creatine is produced naturally in the body by amino acids; however, it is only produced in small amounts, usually around 1-2g, and is also excreted daily. With natural stores minimal, the little creatine available is rapidly depleted during exercise. This is why some gym goers supplement creatine into their regime to boost their creatine stores.

What is bodybuilding?

As a bodybuilder, your goal is to build new muscle mass and define muscles – often to compete against other bodybuilders in competitions. The aim is muscle gain – and a lot of it. Nutrition and training is vital to achieving your goals, and in some cases supplements can help. Some bodybuilders choose to supplement creatine to support their workout and help them to increase their performance in successive bursts of short term, high intensity exercise. Here we look at a few benefits of taking creatine supplements when bodybuilding:

Saturate creatine stores

With little naturally produced creatine stored in our muscles, you can source extra creatine from your diets in foods like meat and fish, and in supplements. Creatine monohydrate supplements help to saturate creatine stores so that during exercise, depletion is prolonged. Taking creatine post-workout helps to replenish the creatine stores that have been exhausted during exercise.

Support your workout performance

During high intensity workouts, anaerobic exercise, such as powerlifting, makes your body dependent on other energy sources instead of oxygen. Energy depletes rapidly during high intensity exercise and that’s where ATP comes in. ATP is involved in energy metabolism processes, mostly in organs with a high-energy demand like skeletal muscle. Creatine helps to increase your performance in successive bursts of short term, high intensity exercise.