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Protein & Creatine


Supplementing whey protein and creatine together

Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It is also found in animal proteins – including meats and fish. During exercise your muscle creatine stores deplete rapidly As a supplement, creatine can be used to support workout performance and prolong depletion; similarly, protein can also help to aid the muscles we utilise at the gym when consumed pre and post workout.

How to supplement whey protein with creatine

Whey protein and creatine monohydrate can be supplemented together, as both supplements are combined to produce a more dynamic way of helping you produce greater muscle mass once you have been to the gym and improving your workout. Taking them together combines the benefits of the two to support your goals.

Those who are training at the gym should aim to take around 1-2g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight split across the day, ideally every 2-3 hours in your meals or snacks. After exercise, 20g of protein is recommended as the optimal dose of protein to support development and growth of muscle tissue.

Creatine should be taken daily, around 3g. It can be taken per serving in a protein creatine shake. This shake should be taken 30 minutes after finishing your workout – as at this time, this will help to maximise the benefits of taking these supplements. Or, you may wish to take creatine before your workout and then supplement protein after your workout.

The shake could include a source of carbohydrate whenever you choose to take it, as this makes the shake easier to digest and improves the quality and benefits the shake can provide to the body. For a leaner shake, use non-fat milk and include a banana – it’s rich in potassium — and peanut butter, which is also rich in protein and good fats.

If you take your creatine in a pill form, you can still digest the creatine alongside your protein shake. There’s other ways to take creatine too, such as creatine loading. The simplest way is to find a quality all-in-one protein powder such as MaxiNutrition (Formerly Maximuscle) Cyclone.